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Our Services

Our Services

 Cooling Repair

When it's hot outside, a broken air conditioner can create a medical emergency.  Those with health conditions such as breathing disorders, elderly, or small children in the home need service ASAP.  If you have a potential medical emergency, please let us know when speaking with our representatives.

Heating Repair

A broken heater, in the winter, here in NC can be very dangerous. It also can be very expensive. Instead of plugging in portable heaters or turning on the oven, give us a call and we will dispatch a repair expert to your home ASAP. 

Heat & Air Conditioning Installation

Our installation experts are the best in the business.  We only hire professional installers who will treat your home with the integrity and respect that it deserves.  All of our work is done to exact specifications and designed to exceed the building code. 

Gas Logs Repair & Replacement

We here at Hometowne Heating and Air Conditioning believe everyone should have a backup source of heat.   One of the preferred sources of back up heat is gas logs. If your gas logs won't ignite or don't seem to be operating properly, Please, cut them off and call the experts here at Hometowne Heating and Air Conditioning.  We will repair them in most cases and replace them only if need be.

$100 Best Price Guarantee Rules

  1. $100 Best Price Guarantee is for the homeowner's primary residence only. (No Contractors.  Not all brands are available.  Pricing will be based on brands carried by Hometowne Heating And Air Inc.)
  2. Competing bids will be from an appropriately licensed heating and air conditioning contractor only and proof of inspection required.
  3. Installation will be scheduled on first available installation date after contract is agreed to.  $100 payout is not available due to scheduling or any other complications as it is a "best price guarantee" only.
  4. $100 best price guarantee is on the installation of a new heating and air conditioning system only.Does not include accessories or duct system.
  5. $100 best price guarantee is for Johnston and Wake County only Hometowne Heating and Air reserves the right to cancel the $100 Best Price Guarantee at any time without notice.
  6. Not all systems or situations are appropriate for Hometowne Heating and Air to bid on so we reserve the right to not provide a bid on any system we see fit.